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How to cite law reports in Harvard UoB format

In text citation:

Citing a direct quote

 If you wish to quote something said by a judge, include their name in the in-text citation. If the judge is:

  • A peer, you would write for, e.g. Lord Griffiths
  • Mr, Mrs or Ms., you would write for e.g. Griffiths J (J for judge)
  • A Lord Justice or Lady Justice, you would write for e.g. Griffiths LJ.


In 'Gill and another v El Vino Co Ltd' (1983) Griffiths LJ stated that "...the only question that remains is: is she being treated less favourably than men?."


In the case of 'Gill and another v El Vino Co Ltd' (1983) it was found that there was unlawful discrimination against women.

Reference List 

The elements which should be included in your bibliography / reference list are:

(i) Name of case (in single quotation marks)

(ii) Year (in round brackets)

(iii) Title of law report (in italics)

(iv) Volume number

(v) Page numbers

Reference List
If you are citing a variety of different materials such as books and journal articles it may be neater to have a separate list of cases in references

'Gill and another v El Vino Co Ltd' (1983) All England Law Reports, 1, pp.398-403.

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