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This online guide is intended to help you to research the information you will require for assignments and ultimately dissertations in the Journalism subject area. A diverse discipline such as yours may involve you obtaining materials from throughout the new library. You should be aware however that the material you can see on the shelves is only part of the story. Many books, magazines, journals and newspapers are now available electronically in equivalent full-text and there are numerous other electronic indexes to our own print journal holdings. You may find it helpful to bookmark the Databases for my subject page as it provides links to all of the key electronic resources.

Familiarisation with this guide should help you to exploit our resources, but I will be providing training sessions in effective information retrieval during Level 1 and during your PDP and Special Project modules at Levels 2 and 3. I will also be recommending specific resources to you whilst you are working on a particular assignment through communication via BREO and will be providing regular news and updates about our collections on my weblog.

If you are working off-campus, you may find our invisible library Online Learning Package useful as it contains information to assist you with your studies. I would particularly recommend that you look at the section on "Referencing your Sources" as you will lose marks if you plagiarise (fail to acknowledge the source of information which you use or quote from in your own work).

If you have any further queries, please contact me in the new library, or send an email to the following address:

Jo Myhill
Head of Academic Liaison

University of Bedfordshire